Boeuf a la mode

This is an excellent family dish, it can be served hot, with carrots for example, or cold, even set in solid jelly.

Presented cold, in “aspic” (set in gelatine and molded in a round dish, when taken out it look stranslucid), it’s an attractive dish, easy to bring to a picnic.


For 6 to 12 persons,

– 2.5kg of casserole beef, whole, fat removed.

– 800g of tasty stock

– 500ml Sauternes wine (or the sweetest white wine you can find)

– 500ml Madeira wine (or Port or sweet red wine)

– 250g carrots, peeled et sliced

– 200g of bacon or pickled pork, cut in 5mm squares

– 100g onions, sliced

– 50g of Fine Champagne (spirit, ┬ásuch as Brandy)

– 40g of beef fat, or pork fat

– 3 cloves

– 2 egg whites

– 1 veal foot, rinsed, cut in pieces (can be replaced by gelatine, as it’s nowadays difficult to buy veal foot).

– a square piece of pork skin

– bouquet garni, 4-spices mix, salt, pepper
Put the beef with a large pot, with salt, pepper, 4-spices, the bacon, 400ml of Sauternes, 400ml of Madeira, so that the beef will be submerged by the marinade.

After 24 hours, make small cuts in the beef and insert the bacon pieces in them. Put the beef in a saucepan with the fat, sear on all sides for about 20 minutes. Flambe with the Fine Champagne.

Place the pork skin flat in a casserole, the beef on top. Add the veal foot, carots, onion, bouquet garni, cloves, stock, the rest of the sauternes and Madeira, the marinade, a little salt and pepper. Cover and heat to boiling, then reduce heat and simmer for 4 hours and a half. Adjust seasoning if necessary.

The hot boeuf a la mode is ready. For the cold version, continue the recipe.

Take off the beef and carrots. Filter the broth. Clarify with egg whites (medium heat, beat the egg whites in the broth, then filter it through a kitchen towel or any fine filter.

Cut the beef in slices. In a mold, dress the sides with the carrot slices, pour a little bit of broth to set them. then fill the mold with slices of beef and carrots in layers. Pour the broth up to the level of the top slice of beef. Let it cool down and set. When set, you can cut and serve like a pate. The goal is to get in each serving beef, carrots, bacon and gelatine.