The regions


Entries and appetizers: pretzel, foie gras, asparagus of Alsace
Savory pies: pie outbreak and onion tart, pie of the Munster Valley
Charcuterie: frankfurter or knack, pâté de foie gras crust, Presskopf with Riesling
Pasta: the knepfle of Alsace, spätzles,
The Dampfnudeln, not pasta, but rolls inflated with steam
Dishes: baeckeoffe, sauerkraut, Riwele suppe, fondue fromage, pickled herring, the sausage, coq au Riesling (Alsace version of coq au vin), the bibeleskass (based cheese), the krombeerekiechele (cakes potatoes).
Cheese: Tomme d’Alsace, Munster, bargkass
Pastries: kougelhopf, the streussel
Desserts: plum tart, blueberry tart, iced soufflé with marc of gewurztraminer
Specialties of Christmas: Bredele the Mannele the Berewecke, gingerbread.


the lewerknepfle


Christmas specialties: Basler Läckerlis (Sundgau and tri-border area)
The fleischnacka or Fleischschnacka
The fleischkiechla
fried carp

Duck confit on a bed of salad
Specialty: Lamprey Bordelaise

Cheese: Ossau Iraty
Entrees: foie gras
Poultry dishes: duck confit, duck breast


Soups: the tourin
Meats: beef tenderloin sauce Périgueux
foie gras
cepes (mushrooms)
duck breast and duck confit
Cheese “trappe d’Echourgnac” and its variant with nuts (after an earlier monastery of obedience “Trappist”)
cake with walnuts
The goose neck with lentils


Sauces: Sauce Bordelais,e sauce marchand de vin, green sauce of Bordeaux, sweet and sour sauce
Entrees: the attic of Médoc, the snails caudéranaise, the tricandilles, the graton of Lormont, caviar, piballes, oysters from Arcachon, purple asparagus of Blayais,
Salads: Bacalau cod salad, salad Rachel
Soup: broth of Bordeaux, the Bleached tourin a l’ivrogne, the tourin in milk, nettle soup, soup of harvesters,
Dishes of vegetables: mushrooms sautéed Bordeaux, mushrooms stuffed Bordelaise
Fish dishes: grilled shad on vine shoots, lamprey in Sauternes, Bordeaux lamprey, the royans (fresh sardines to taste raw or roasted over a wood fire), the flounder of the Silver Coast,
Meats: steak maitre de chai, the Pauillac lamb, beef steak of Bazas, langues d’avocat of Arcachon, beef tenderloin with foie gras,
Poultry dishes: mashed woodcock in Bazas, winemaker guinea fowl, wild duck in bigarade, raisins roasted partridges
Desserts: Canelés of Bordeaux, Sarments of the Médoc, Bordeaux bouchons, the fanchonettes, the millas of Gironde, prunes in sauternes, cherry soup with wine from Bordeaux, The Noisettines


Entries warm: the Landes platter
Poultry dishes: the pigeon stew


Dessert: Tourtiere
The prune d’Agen


Aperitif: Pintxo
Soup: Ttoro: fish soup with pieces: hake, prawns, mussels, garlic and onions. Basically, the Ttoro was a soup prepared the Basque fishermen aboard their boats, when fishing for cod.
Soup: Porru Salda
Soup: the Garbure
Vegetable dish: the Piperade
Dish of meat: the Axoa
Ingredient: Ezpeletako biperra
Ingredient: Piment d’Anglet
Ingredient: Xingar: kind of ham.
Meat dish: Eltzekaria (Garbure Basque white cabbage and ham)
Meat dish: Xamango (heel cooked ham)
Meat dish: Tripotxak (lamb sausage traditionally served on a tomato sauce)
Fish dish: Piquillo (small red peppers stuffed with very soft cod served on a tomato sauce)
Fish dish: Squid small squid with onions, tomatoes, peppers and rice separately.
Fish dish: Txangurro: spider crab stuffed with onions, leeks and carrots.
Fish dish: zikiro: lamb cut into wedges, grilled with white beans, vinegar, garlic and chillies.
Fish dish: Tuna kaskarote: tuna with tomatoes, peppers, onions and peppers.
Fish dish: Cod with Biscaina (recipe from the province of Biscay ..)
Flat fish: Hake Koskera (traditional recipe asparagus, clams, mussels and hake course …)
Fish dish: Marmitako tuna into small pieces, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, onions and diced potatoes.
Fish dish: pibales casserole (or elvers)
Cheese: Ardi-Gasna: cheese, semi-hard raw milk whole sheep, often accompanied with black cherry jam.
Dessert: yogurt and ice milk sheep and black cherry Itzassou
Dessert: gaztanbera or Mamia: sheep’s milk curd presented in a small pot, usually eaten as a dessert with honey.
Dessert: the Basque cake
Dessert: Muxu: confectionery almonds.
Meat dish: Boudin Basque garnished with onions
Dish of meat: chorizo: meat very thin and long, decorated with pimiento Morrón, which is eaten fried or barbecue.
Meat dish: txuleta

Bowl aligot

Soups: Soup Stuffed
Fourme d’Ambert, Fourme Yssingeaux, Bleu d’Auvergne, Salers, Cantal, Lavort, Gaperon, Murol Blue Laqueuille, Saint-Nectaire, mombriac
Meat dishes: stew the Auvergne, the bacon lentils, stuffed cabbage


Pie potatoes
Pump to grattons
Pump apple
Duck Duchambais
Coq au vin de saint-pourçain
Turkey Jaligny
Chambérat cheese, Charolais


Square Salers
Murat cone
Crisp Auvergne
Massiac badge
Pansette Gerzat
Pie tomme
Vic pie
Cheese: Cantal, Salers, Auvergne blue


Green lentils
Verbena Velay
Cheese: fourme Yssingeaux, mombriac


Monts du Forez patia of the jasseries
The fricandeau,
The pansette Gerzat
The flognarde (apple / pear)
Pump apple
The patranque
Cheeses: Saint-Nectaire, blue d’Auvergne, Fourme d’Ambert and variants (in tarts, pies, salads)

Burgundy snails ready to eat

Inputs: Burgundy snails, the gougères, poached eggs, eggs with Dijon
Fish dishes: the pôchouse or pauchouse
Poultry dishes: Coq au vin, Chicken Gaston Gérard
Meats: beef bourguignon, rabbit Beaujolais, Burgundy the stew, ham parsley


Dijon mustard: a condiment famous.
Cassis de Dijon region used for the crème de cassis, syrup, vinegar and blackcurrant especially Kir (name Canon Kir, mayor of Dijon) made with two local products – blackcurrant and Aligoté white wine of hills of Auxois.
gingerbread and nonettes


Charcuterie du Morvan hams, terrines, rosettes, andouilettes Clamecy
Crayfish, frogs
Crapiau morvandiau: thick pancake with bacon or salt with herbs
Pancake griaudes (Brioche salty bacon)
Blueberry pie


Frogs thigh with parsley
Marbled ham
Goat cheese: Charolais
Gaudes (corn soup)


The delight of Burgundy (cheese)

Dish: crepe
Dessert: the Far Breton, Palet Breton, Pound


Dish: sausage patty
Dessert: cute Trégor


Fish Dishes: cotriade Glénans (fish stew and potatoes), lobster sauce Armorican
Meats: the kig ha farz of Leon (boiled beef, vegetables, far)
Dessert: The Kouign-amann (originally from Douarnenez)


The sausage patty
The Roulade Sévigné (guinea fowl with apples)


Charcuterie: The andouille Guémené
Niniches Quiberon
Fricassee (dish of tripe)
Salidou or salted butter caramel
Kouign Amann Butter a pie


Crottin de Chavignol

Input: block Chartres.
Drink: Beer or Eurélienne Chartres.


Input: potato pancake
Plat: Easter pie or pie Berry
Cheese: the Levroux / Valencay (goat cheese)


Entrees: the holy bread gratin-Moorish-de-Touraine, the crackling pie, slice Grandgousier.
Inputs: Rillettes de Tours, salad Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine, truffle Richelais.
Meats: the beuchelle of Tours, Tours stew, sausages of Tours in Vouvray, the “Dark Lady” (Touraine Géline).
Cheese: Sainte Maure (goat).
Nougat from Tours (sugar almond pastry) jam apricot mixture and beggars (hazelnuts, walnuts) and a layer of white snow machine, sugar and almond powder.
Wine: Vouvray, Montlouis, Chinon, Bourgueil, St-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil, Amboise.
Other: Cormery Macaroon, Pear typed Rivarennes, or Fouace fouée.


Goat cheese (Selles-sur-cher)
Apple Tart (Tarte Tatin)


Andouillettes vetch
Water of Life: Pear Olivet
Cotignac (quince jelly)
Macaroons Fruit Orleans
Vinegar Orleans
The Pithiviers (pastry), based marzipan
The praline or praline Mazet de Montargis

Three biscuits de Reims rose

hotpot Champagne


Ardennes Ham dry – not to be confused with Ardennes ham
the boudin blanc de Rethel

cacasse to the bare ass (stewed potatoes with or without meat)
Cheese: The Void
Salad with bacon
Sugar Pie Ardennes
Cheese Rocroi
The cake calf


andouillette of Troyes
Cheese: chaource


Cheese: Langres


Reims mustard
the pink biscuit of Reims
foot Pork St. Menehould


Meats: Coppa, Figatellu, Lonzo, Panzetta, Prisuttu
Cheese: Brocciu, Muntanacciu

County and yellow wine

Cheeses: Comté, Morbier, Mont d’Or, Mamirolle Bleu de Gex, Cancoillotte …
Meat dishes: fondue, Franche-Comté Hotpot
Poultry dishes: Coq au vin jaune


Montbéliard sausage
Morteau sausage
Mushroom Crust
Smoked ham du Haut-Doubs
The chicken County


Gandeuillot (or Gandoyau) Fougerolles (more precisely, the Val d’Ajol a few kilometers)
The cream cheese (or cancoyotte) Metton with melted butter and milk

Jura Mountains

Cheese dishes: Fondue Jura
Trout and coq au vin jaune.

The shoulder of the flask.
The Belflore: Raspberry cake with meringue almond


Hot entrée: Quiche with Watercress
Meat Dishes: The lark pie
Fruits: strawberry Marcoussis


The Madeleine Nanterre1
The “little white” Suresnes (white wine) 1
The omelette Clamart1

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Meats: steak Bercy, beef mironton
Dishes of vegetables: cauliflower gratin


Cheese: Brie (Meaux, Melun, Nangis Montereau), Coulommiers.
Saffron gâtinais
The niflettes (puff pastry tartlets filled with custard)

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Val d’Oise

Montmorency soup
Montmorency cherry


Potage Saint Germain – Speciality Vegetables
Mushroom Paris (country Mantois)

A dish of cassoulet

Dessert: The Ear (variety of donut dough thin and crispy, cut lengthwise)


Meat dishes: Cassoulet de Castelnaudary and Carcassonne than


Charcuterie: The grotillons2 or gratillons (sort of pate, rillettes or, solely of bacon cooked long)
Bakery focaccia or to grotillons gratillons
Flat fish: cod brandade to Nîmoise
Meat Dishes: The agriade Sint-Gillis
Patisserie focaccia Aigues-Mortes


Fish Dishes: bourride to Sète, Sète in the tial
Meats: the Brageole the Macaronade
Charcuterie: the patty Pezenas
Biscuits zézettes Sète
Candy: the Grisettes Montpellier
Condiment: Butter Montpellier (butter traditionally used to accompany cold fish, a base of butter, herbs, anchovies, capers and gherkins)
Pastry: Small Patties Pézenas (sweet and sour specialty made containing mutton, spices and sugar)


Flat from cheese: Aligot


Input: cargolade, snails Catalan Anchovy from Collioure
Dishes: picolat bols, escalivada
focaccia or coca, grassillous (flat bread sweetened with pork cracklings)

Potato pie

Inputs: the pie potatoes
Vegetable dishes: the potato cake
Desserts: clafoutis and flognarde (apple or pear)


Nomic Corrèze
The milhassou corrézien
The farcidures

La Creuse

Fade (with cheese)
The pie potatoes (potatoes puff)


the brejaude
the mijo
Limousin beef

Quiche lorraine

Inputs: Lorraine pâté, quiche Lorraine, onion pie
Meats: hotpot Lorraine bite at Queen pie (flat) Lorraine
Dessert: Tart plum, plum cake, pie me’gin, Plum Tart



Pâté Lorraine Baccarat.


Boudin Nancy.


Chardon Lorrain (chocolate drop)
Macaron de Nancy.
Madeleines Liverdun.
Forget Nancy.
St. Epvre.
Visitation Nancy
Chocolate cake Nancy


Mirabelle de Nancy.


Nancy bergamot.



Biscuits pig Stenay
Croquets Saint-Mihiel
Commercy madeleines.


Currant jam Bar-le-Duc
Dragees de Verdun (Meuse).



Potato pancakes (Gromperekiche).
Suckling pig Metz.


Metz balls.
Macarons de Boulay-Moselle.
Spritz (pastry) Christmas.
Me’gin pie.
Chocolate cake from Metz
Wagotine Uckange.


Mirabelle de Metz.



Stone Soup


Vosgienne salad


Andouille Val d’Ajol
Boué-base of the Val d’Ajol (all meats)
Vosges smoked (bacon, sausage, ham, puck)
Lorraine time
Gandeuillot (or Gandoyau)
Trout pate
Boar with cranberry
Calf’s head Rambervillers
Kneffes potatoes
Vaute or grated potato


Munster (or small géromé)
“Shick” (cheese, herbs and shallots)


Loriquette Remiremont
Marsh Remiremont (orange)
Gallu bread / Rama (fruit bread)
Anise bread
Pie Brimbelles
Pie Maugin


Plombières ice (ice cream Kirsch and candied fruit)


Sweet honey tree
Thistle Remiremont
Miel de sapin des Vosges


foie gras, cassoulet,


azinat Massat (a kind of stew with cabbage potatoes and sausages)
Tomme d’Ariège

A slice of Roquefort

Charcuterie: sausage, sausage, pate, braised veal, frozen,
Tripe: tripou Trenel (mainly pork rind ventrèche and packed in the belly of lamb, all cooked) tripou, melsát
Cured: ventrèche, dry sausage (to a certain stage of drying, it must be placed in oil) cambajóu (ham)
Meat: beef Easter, Grass-fed calf calf (maternal milk + pasture) or brass Aubrac throughout the department, Grass-fed calf or lamb brass lacaune race, pig
cooking: barbecue meat (venison, pork, lamb) outbreak in bacon with a Flambadou
Meat dishes: stuffed cabbage,
Fish dishes: the estofinado (based stockfish, potato, walnut oil, egg, parsley)
frying: the farsous
Eggs: mougnéto, bourriol, pascade
Support (sometimes) aligot (mashed potatoes mixed with fresh tome of raw milk and sometimes garlic), the truffada (potatoes mixed with fresh tome), the pounti,
Cheeses: Roquefort (blue-veined cheese from raw milk of sheep plateaus and valleys, ripened in the caves of Roquefort) Pérail (domestic cheese from sheep’s milk), the annealed or recuècha (whey cheese from sheep), blue limestone (blue-veined cheese from raw milk of plateaus and valleys), cabécou (domestic cheese from goat’s milk), the Laguiole (fourme refined cow made of fresh milled and pressed Volume)
Pastissous (pastry) cake brooch, ear, scalded, Fouasse flauna, pie Volume


Inputs: the gizzard salad, foie gras
poultry dishes: duck confit


The millasson Montréjeau


Sauces: béarnaise sauce
Soups: garbure
Vegetable dishes: Bean tarbais
Sweet: Cake pin


Dishes of meat: lamb stew the Quercy
The stuffed cabbage
The cabecou of Rocamadour (goat cheese)

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Inputs: cured meats and Lacaune.
Dishes: The melsat (pork with bread and eggs), the boilie, the fricandot, andouille based sausage and pork rind, the frésinat Mazamet (red meat braised pork with apples land), the Gras-double Castres.
Filling: millas the molded flour corn (sweet or eaten as is the stove)

Main article: Cuisine and Specialties of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais.
Stew with chips and salad.

Inputs: mussels and fries, welch
Meats: the Flemish stew, the hodgepodge (meat and vegetables stewed), the waterzooi (chicken or fish)
Vegetable dishes: ham or chicory endive gratin
Charcuterie: the meatball


Entrees: pie maroilles
Flat cold potjevleesch (mixture of white meat in aspic), language Lucullus Valenciennes (foie gras)
Patisserie Christmas wafer


Dishes: andouillette Arras, broth or pot-au-feu of beef tongue

Normandie (Upper and Lower)
Camembert de Normandie

Ingredients: Fat Norman
Accompaniments: Norman Sauce
Entries: Norman Salad
Soups: Soup grease
Dishes of fish: Trout Norman
Cheese dishes: Fondue Norman
Poultry dishes: duck Norman Norman guinea fowl to the Chicken in White
Confectionery: Milk Jam
Desert Norman tart


Meats: the tripe mode Caen, Andouille de Vire
Desserts: the Teurgoule
Dairy: Pont-Eveque, Livarot, butter, fresh cream and the caramel Isigny Ste-mother


Inputs: Eggs brayons
Main course: Trout pie


Entries: Mère Poulard omelette
Seafood: Oysters roasted hollow Denneville
Shellfish dishes: Les Demoiselles de Cherbourg


Meats: the tripe kebabs La Ferte-Mace, black pudding Mortagne-au-Perche, white pudding Essay, andouillette of Alençon, cervelat the Eagle.
Alcohol: perry Domfront
Milk: Camembert


Inputs: Salad Cauchois the Chausson Norman
Fish Dishes: Marmite dieppoise
Meat dishes: Duck in Rouen
Sauces: Sauce Rouen
Cheese: Neufchatel, the Graval
Treats: Sugar apple

Pays de la Loire

dish: mussels and zucchini gratin priest Muscadet of Nantes, the mold has simmered mash and beer, flange Vertou vertillais dry black pudding with honey and ginger), Nantes coast (pork chop)
the beurre blanc
Cheese: the priest Nantes
The Berlingot Nantes and rigolettes

Main article: Cuisine of Anjou and Anjou Vineyard.

Meat Dishes: capon with morels
black pudding with apples
the crackling
Cider Mayenne
knob aperitif
Camembert: good mayennais
rillettes gorronaises


Input / drink: Rillettes
Meats: the pot Sarthoise
White Wine: The Jasnières
The Bouine: cheese combining dry goat cheese, fresh garlic, salt, pepper and brandy (preferably pear).


Appetizers: the préfou (garlic bread and butter), the Trouspinette (alcohol-based wine and blackthorn)
Meats: ham braised (large slice of cured ham) with mogettes (dry beans)
Desserts: the Fion (pastry filled with eggs with milk, West Vendée), the braided bun, the Malagasy pacaude

Pie flamiche

Dishes: string Picardy, the flamiche
Frog soup


The caghuse
The cugnots
Rissoles the Lords of Coucy


Rabbit with cider


The salt meadow lamb
The cream hénons
The duck pâté Amiens
The badge of Amiens
Beat the cake
String Picardy


Meat dishes: stuffed the Poitevin
Poultry dishes: quail Pineau des Charentes
The cheese cake
The Moped poitou


Charentais Melon Pineau
The cricket Charentais (Pie)
The snails (snails stuffed)
The mogettes nut oil
The Millas
The goulebenèze (butter cake)
The Mijot (sweet wine)


The cornuelles
The Charentais Brûlot


The éclade of mussels, mouclade.
Cheese: the curd of Aunis, Jonchée the Charente Mottin


The log of Poitou, Chabichou the Mothais and other goat cheeses
The pictalie, amber beer custody
The pie made with chicken or rabbit (flat Protestant origin)
The candied angelica, which fill the cake sometimes charentaise


Macaroons Montmorillon
The crushed of Poitou
Pate Easter

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
Examples of Provence goat cheese goat cheese Examples Examples of Provence goat cheese from Provence
Examples of goat cheese from Provence
Mussels Provencal
The thirteen desserts:
green melon
black and white nougat nougat
candied fruit
“Four beggars”: nuts, dried figs, almonds and raisins

Meals: The big dinner
Soups: soupe au pistou,
Vegetable dishes: ratatouille,
Dishes: aioli, pissaladière, tapenade
Fish Dishes: anchoïade, bouillabaisse, bourride
Shellfish: mussels Provencal
Meats: the braised meat


the trotters
the crouzets


Inputs: salad nicoise, mesclun, socca
Dishes: the estocaficada, pan bagnat, panisses,
Filling: the pissalat,
Daube Niçoise


Aperitif Pastis.
Fish dishes: bouillabaisse, Bourride
Olive oil from the Valley of Baux-de-Provence AOC
Olives broken the Valley of Baux-de-Provence AOC
Black olives in the Valley of Baux-de-Provence AOC
Olive oil in Aix-en-Provence AOC
Calisson d’Aix


Vegetable dishes: the potato gratin
Dishes: ravioli and tourtons Champsaur donkey ears


cade Toulon (socca)
the artichokes Bariboule
pie tropézienne
the pilau of favouilles
the squid with garlic
the blood vinegar
the oil pump or gibassié


Shad stewed
Papeton eggplant
Tian comtadin
Cavaillon melon with Beaumes-de-Venise
Daube Avignon
Daube Comtadine

Quenelle black squid ink, market Lyon




Bresse chicken with morels
Parsley frogs
Chicken wishbones parsley
Ramekin (strong cheese fondue)
Pancakes Vonnassiennes


Bleu de Bresse
Bleu de Gex


Bressane pie, pie bressane the praline
Sugar Pie
Flammenkuchen (Perugia)


Abomasum in spinach or cabbage


Food: olive tapenade to Nyons AOC
Dishes of vegetables: Gratin
ravioli (Romans or Royan), glasses
Swiss Valencia (cookie orange blossom)
pogne the Romans (bun orange blossom)
curd Chabeuil
blue Vercors
Picodon Crest (goat cheese)

Savoie and Haute-Savoie

Cheese dishes tartiflette, raclette, fondue
Dishes: Farcement or farçon
Salad Savoy
Cheese: Reblochon, Tomme, Abondance, Beaufort, blue Termignon
Charcuterie: diots, pormoniers
Pasta: crozets
Desserts: the matafan, rissoles
Pain: Savouet
Brioche: Bescoin, cross Savoie, Saint-Genix


Drinking: Antésite
Soups: Soup Tullins …
Entrees: pie Muroise
Cold starters:
Vegetable dishes: Swiss chard to voironnaise the Gratin …
Fish dishes gratin crayfish, trout blue …
Cheese dishes: Pétafine, Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage …
Other dishes: Stuffed Oisans Matafan, eggs to Monteynard, ravioli, the rissoles …


Inputs: salad Barabans
Dishes of vegetables: grated
Meat Dishes: The barboton
Cheese: sarasson, Fourme Montbrison


Soups: the onion soup au gratin, pumpkin soup, tripe soup, soup Beaujolais
Cold starters: Lyon bowl, salad Lyonnaise salad, snout ass clapetons salad salad, chicken liver, chicken terrine, packets rind, pickled herring, cheese, pig’s head, spatter, caviar canuts (lentils),
the entrees: chicken liver cake, brioche sausage, hot sausage in Beaujolais sabodet buclée to the rind, black pudding with two apples, pudding, cream of onion, veal liver in Lyon
Meats and offal: rosette, Jesus de Lyon, the Lyon tripe, sliced sausage with white wine, Beaujolais sausage, apron of sapper, gratin of tripe the old sausage brioche.
Vegetable dishes: cardoons with marrow, cake Lyon, Lyon doormat, Barboton, macaroni gratin,
Fish dishes: dumplings sauce nantua (including quenelles and hot pate), skate brown butter, fillet of carp Régnié, hornpipes eel, pike fillet braised in Macon,
Meats: coq au vin in Juliénas (AOC), poultry thighs stuffed with morels sauce mercer, vinegar chicken, stewed pork, veal head green sauce
Cheese: the brain canut
Dessert pie Cuerde, Lyon fritters, caramel apples, pear to Beaujolais, Lyon cushions, praline pie, lemon tart meringue, matefins, twists.



Planter, ti-punch, schrubb juice, seasonal fruit (guava, mango, sugar cane, banana, etc. ..)


Cod fritters, black pudding, sausage crabs, conch etc. ..

Stuffed crab

Seafood dishes:

Fricassee Chatrou (octopus or squid local)

Fricasssée Lambis

Fish grilled over a wood fire sauce “dog.”

Bouillon fish (catfish, Vivano, corifere bream, shark etc.).

grilled lobster

Kalalou Crab.

Matété crabs.

Meat Dishes:

colombo (chicken, goats)

Stewed pork with pigeon peas and yam (Christmas)

Stewed chicken feet on

Pot pie


Lenses accompanied by salting (pieces of pork macerating in a salty sauce)

Christophine stuffed with meat.


Breadfruit slices or puree.

Gratin of Green Papaya

White rice creole

Yams, Madeira, cassava,

Yellow bananas (plantains) boiled or fried.

Torments of love

Ate coconut white

Coconut sugar rose to head

Sinobol (snowball) with different syrups

Coconut sorbet


Fierce advocate
Souskay cod, herring
Bread butter Martinique
Christmas ham Martinique (caramelized with sugar cane or not with pineapple rings)
Savory pie (pork, chicken)
Cod fritters, shrimp, or Giromon
Black and white pudding
Seafood dishes:
Fricassee chatrou (octopus or squid local) with rice and beans
Bouillon fish (carp, Vivano, cod etc).
Consists of a short soaking broth cod with bread, banana and avocado
Matoutou crab
Conch fricassee
Touffée shark
Fricassee of lobster
Meat Dishes:
Migan breadfruit
Stewed pork with pigeon peas and yam (Christmas)
Pot pie
Soup z’habitan
Lenses accompanied by salting (pieces of pork macerating in a salty sauce)
Gratin christophine
Yellow banana gratin
Scorched chicken
Colombo pork
Colombo chicken
Dog Sauce
Planter, Punch Creole
Cake with pineapple Caribbean
Mont Blanc cake
Blancmange coconut, guava
Coconut sorbet
Chocolate “first communion”
Coconut meal consisting of sugar and coconut


Main course: Awara
Red beans with pickled their meat
Fricassee of chicken or pork
Diverse and varied game (wood pig, agouti, pac iguana hocco, etc.).
Support: the squawk, dasheen, yam, rice Mana


Dish of meats: Rougail sausage, curry chicken, smoked duck vanilla, goat masala, smoked tijak.
Flat fish / seafood: the carry zourit the bichique carry, the carry camaron
Vegetable dish: the carry bringèles salad, palm kernel, coconut coleslaw.
Casseroles: the darling gratin, gratin wood dream
Amuse bouche: samosas, jams, sweets peppers, stuffed peppers
Dessert: cake potatoes (sweet potatoes), favorite cake (chayote), cassava cake, coconut candy, candy rouroute the galette manioc (cassava or donut), corn cake, cake Tisson cake railway, banana fritters

New Caledonia
Kanak woman with the traditional bougna
Main article: Cuisine of New Caledonia.

Inputs: deer salad salad “Tahitian” crab salad, shrimp,
Melanesian traditional dish (fish or meat and vegetables tropical) Bougna,
Flat fish / seafood: Carry tuna curry jumpers
Meat Dishes: Nets deer, civet dogfish, worm bancoule grilled
Dessert: Banana Jam, poetic papaya,
Condiments: pickled vegetables, bamboo, lemon, trochus
Beverages: Beer is the Number One broadcast, lychee liqueur, coffee Le Roy.

Rice and bottle soyo are very common in New Caledonia tables, whatever the main dish.

Dishes of vegetables: sweet potatoes and bananas in banana leaves, the rice with pineapple, taro
Fish Dishes: Blaff the fish, raw fish to the Tahitian raw tuna in coconut milk, lemon or Chinese raw tuna and rockfish in Tahitian, the fafaru, fish “panic braking” soyou rice ( lagoon fish fried with rice and soy sauce)
Poultry dishes: chicken fafa
Beef dishes: Corned beef (beef dish) called “punupuaatoro” in Tahitian with onions, often accompanied by the fruit of the breadfruit (uru in Tahitian) previously cooked over a wood fire and mitihue
Pork dishes: suckling pig with coconut milk, the “PUAa cabbage” is actually pork cooked with oyster sauce with cabbage
Tahitian Chinese food: Chinese community is important to Tahiti, we note the typical dishes of Tahiti namely the very popular “maa tinito” (pig, noodles, beans, pota, long beans, macaroni in soy sauce), but also the inevitable “chao men” (Chinese noodles, chicken, pork, vegetables, oyster sauce, soy sauce all jumped wok)

Desserts “po’e” the most popular is the “po’e banana” (bananas mixed with starch, coconut milk, vanilla decorated, all baked), the “ipo” (consisting flour, coconut milk, sugar) steamed or baked.

Tahitian breakfast: the “firi firi” coco bread, the “PUAa roti” (roast pork), raw fish in coconut milk, the “pahua taioro” (clams with lemon grated coconut and the green onion)
The feast: the weekend or on special occasions, the Tahitians organize “tamaaraa” that is to say, where there are many meals to eat for a large number of guests. Often it is to prepare this great feast together, each contributes especially when it comes to a “ahima’a” (Tahitian oven) or a calf on a spit. The calf on a spit is often accompanied by “Russian salad” (salad potatoes, canned beets, mayonnaise …) or white beans cooked in water.

The local beer is often part: Hinano beer.