The real orgeat is an ancient drink made from barley that people drink because it is very refreshing. There are several ways to prepare it. Sometimes were added to the barley seeds melon and cucumber and ground sweet almonds. This is probably the use of the latter which gave birth to the current orgeat.

Today, in France, orgeat is essentially obtained by condensation of benzaldehyde, extract of bitter almonds. This is what gives a taste quite similar to the orzata Italian drink made of benzoin.

The orgeat syrup in the composition of cocktails like the Mai Tai or Mauresque.

Here is a syrup made from nuts, absolutely delicious and so easy to make that purchase becomes absurd. It seems that the orgeat is a refreshing drink, very old, very different from what it is today, it would have changed from barley to almonds. We tried this recipe last summer, twice. The first time we were wrong with the proportions because we always tend to divide the quantities for a first test, it was still very good. The second time, it can be summarized in one striking memory, that of an absolutely intoxicating fragrance, we felt it immediately after mixing the two kernels. We cannot describe the happiness that exudes the odor of a blend of sweet and bitter almonds. From that moment, before continuing the recipe, we knew it was successful. We were not disappointed: a real flavor, concentrate and fragrance that can not be ignored. Here is our favorite recipe of syrup after pistachio, made of a mosaic of memories of reading and telephone advice from a generous pastry chef.

To measure, use a small cup of Turkish coffee that would hold 5cl/7cl maximum. 3 cups filled with white almonds (blanched, without skin, dry but not toasted! The color of the white syrup depends on it) for a cup of bitter almonds (idem, skinless, roasted but not dry).

First grind coarsely and mix with 750 ml of water and then blend finely. There is obtained a kind of milk. Feel the scent of almonds when you lift the lid of the mixer, it is absolutely DIVINE!

Filter the mixture obtained by pressing in hands, discard the pulp and preserve the precious juice. Then add 1 kg of sugar, and cook over low heat. Stir a little to be sure the sugar melts. Bring to a boil and turn off. Pour into glass bottles once the syrup is cooled down. Keep it in the closet, in the dark and away from moisture, no problem for months.

Drink it by diluting it into cold water, from 1 volume of orgeat to 5 to 10 volumes of water, according to taste.